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Unlock Your Mind's Potential with Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

transpersonal hypnotherapist
Quantum Healing Hypnosis

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What Clients Are Saying...
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Empower Yourself, Brilliant Soul

"Where do I even begin with how amazing Ania is!

I had a wonderful QHHT session with her that was both empowering and illuminating. Ania's energy is so bright and beautiful and I felt so safe being guided by her. I have already recommended her to my family who are curious about QHHT. I highly recommend Ania and hope to work with her again soon. Thank you so much!"

Jen G

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5 star google review
Subconcious Mind
Why Hypnosis Works!
The state of hypnosis is natural and familiar. All day long, we go in and out of hypnotic states. Some common examples of when this happens are when we're driving, watching TV, listening to music, or working on a project that's passionate to us.

How Can Hypnosis Help Me?

Hypnosis is truly an amazing tool that we can use for understanding a number of ailments that can inhibit your personal growth and general well-being.
When we are hypnotized, you access your subconscious mind and awaken your intuition and creativity. In hypnosis, a deep meditative trance state opens the door between the conscious and subconscious, allowing you to connect to your subconscious mind.
Making it possible for you to access a part of yourself that holds all the answers, promoting healing and positive development.
Hypnotherapy aims to reprogram patterns of behavior within the mind, enabling irrational fears, phobias, negative thoughts and suppressed emotions to be understood and overcome.
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Quantum Healing Hypnosis  


Quantum Healing Hypnosis is a type of journey taken while in a relaxed, meditative state. QHHT® session gently guides you toward accessing past life memories as well as your own highest wisdom. What makes QHHT a truly special method is that it takes you into an experience where we will have a conversation with your Subconscious to unlock profound self-healing and wisdom. As you merge with your Higher self, you may ask any questions and your Subconscious will be able to answer directly through you. 

In Person Only

4-6 Hr $444

Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner
Hypnotherapist near me

Parts Therapy Hypnosis 

Have you ever felt like a part of you is trying to move forward, but another part is holding you back?

Parts Therapy can help you to identify these parts and work with them in order to understand why they are conflicting with each other. By understanding the underlying motivations of these parts, it can be easier to resolve the conflict and move forward.

Parts Therapy is an effective way of exploring our inner self and understanding how our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors are all connected. It involves identifying different parts within us that may be in conflict with each other or causing us distress. Through this process, we can gain insight into our own behavior and create understanding with all parts involved for making positive changes. 

In Person or On-line
1Hr - 90min $155

Healing Childhood


Heal Your Past, Empower Your Present

Experience empowerment with our Healing Childhood Regression service. Our program will help you unlock the power within, heal your spirit, and embrace wholeness through forgiveness, inner child integration, and self-acceptance techniques. 
Get ready to journey towards an empowered adulthood and restore balance in your energy fields. Book now and start your transformational journey!
It's time to reclaim your true essence and live a life of fulfillment and harmony.

In Person or On-line

2-3 Hr $333

Past life regression

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy


Our reactions in life can seem unrelated to our present life experiences but they can be explained through Regression Hypnotherapy. 

With this hypnosis session we explore the past to delve into the underlying causes of your issue.

We are all conditioned into what we are in this moment by the sum total of all the events that we have experienced. This includes all our 'positive' experiences and learnings that benefit us. And all our 'negative' experiences that leave emotional and mental residues that affect us now.

In Person or On-Line

Regression Hypnotherapy OR

2-3 Hr $333

Between Lives Regression
If you have had a Past Life regression or QHHT session and want to dive deeper into the spiritual world of spirit guides, soul groups, and soul councils that assist you with your incarnations and life purpose, this regression is perfect for you.
2-3 Hr $333

Follow Up Hypnotherapy Session 

What Our Clients Say


Marta, S

I felt so comfortable in Ania's hands. I love how confident and focused she was throughout the entire session. I found it impressive how swiftly and smoothly Ania incorporated the affirmations into the script, just wow! Her voice is so soothing, I could listen to it for hours. I had an amazing hypnosis session. Ania easily took me for a meaningful journey. Can't wait to solidify the changes initiated during the session!

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