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Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Past Life Exploration
How to Prepare for
Your Hypnosis Session
What Is Hypnosis?

Is hypnosis a good fit for everyone?

There are some conditions for which hypnosis is not a good fit and should not be utilized by the client. These conditions include (and are not limited to): Schizophrenia, pathological personalities, psychosis (including substance induced), senility, dementia, brain trauma, cognitive deficiencies, epilepsy, narcolepsy, bi-polar, clinical depression, suicidal tendencies, serious heart conditions, extremely high/low blood pressure, elderly/frail, substance abuse, and/or currently taking medications/substances that cause drowsiness. If a client is, in any way, unsure if hypnosis would be a good fit for them, they should consult their medical doctor prior to participating in hypnosis. Also, if pregnant (especially in the first or second trimester), the client should also consult a medical doctor prior to participating in hypnosis.

I do not live near you and would like to schedule a session. Is there a way for us to work together?

Yes, I offer all session styles via Zoom/phone (with the exception of QHHT per QHHT Institute requirements). If you opt to have a Zoom/phone session, I recommend having headphones so you can have a "hands-free" experience. Headphones will also allow you to comfortably lie down while having your phone/computer near you during the sessions. Zoom/phone sessions are quite enjoyable and relaxing while also being just as effective as in-person sessions.

Can hypnosis help me to lose weight, stop smoking, etc.?

While it is not guaranteed to "cure" any specific issue, hypnosis has a history of successfully helping people to heal overall, which will likely include your specific issue(s). I believe such healing can take place due to three primary factors. The first is that when you feel an overall sense of wellbeing, you are less likely to crave something to quell stress/anxiety/etc. The second is that there is a reason you are engaging in an activity that you would rather not engage in. This behavior may have its root in a past lifetime or an unrealized source from this lifetime. When you are experiencing hypnosis, subconscious information is much more likely to come to you and provide you with the answers you need for healing. The third factor is that during hypnosis you can access a higher level of knowledge that will help you understand the reason you are engaging in the undesirable behavior. Tapping into this higher level of knowledge will also allow you to access advice for how to let go of the root source of the unwanted behavior. Each of these three factors is very helpful in its own right. Should you desire, we can actively focus on a specific issue during your sessions and approach it from all three directions. This method will likely result in immediate and lasting effects.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions required depends on the issue you are working with and is different for everyone. Generally, you will see a significant shift in just one session. However for deep transformational work four or more sessions are recommended. 

Is there Homework?

Yes. Depending on the session you booked, you may be  provided with a customized audio to listen to at home, as science has proven the power of repetition in retraining the mind. In addition, quick and easy strategies are often recommended to help ease anxiety or difficult emotions. As with anything in life, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

How often should I listen to my recording?

Listen to your recording as often as you can. (But never while you are driving.)

Listening to your recording every day will continue the healing and put you in a high vibrational state. This is your new story now. Continue the amazing work!

What are the benefits of hypnosis?

There are a variety of benefits that can occur from hypnosis. Common "side effects" include (but are certainly not limited to):

• Increased calm/relaxation/confidence (as well as stress/anxiety/phobia reduction)

• Physical and emotional healing (including the ability to move forward in positive ways, such as reaching goals, learning to thoroughly        forgive/love, etc.)

• Increased mental clarity/focus (including tapping into your creative/playful/joyful/loving nature) and confidence in your decisions

• Connecting lessons from past lives to this life (which significantly moves your learning forward)

• Realizing your direct connection to a higher level of knowledge/consciousness/energy/being and how to make the most of this connection

Will I remember anything? 

90% of clients are conscious at some level throughout their session. People will remember varying amounts. I will email you a mp3 recording of your session, within 24 hours of your session. Listening to the recording helps you piece together pieces and helps you to fully digest all the information and to continue the healing. 

What does Hypnosis feel like?

Hypnosis feels a little different for everyone, but is a deeply relaxed, dream like state, somewhere in-between the waking and sleep state. Some people may notice their bodies become very heavy, whilst others may experience a light, floaty feeling in trance. It can feel like a vivid day dream.

Can I get stuck in trance?

No. Hypnosis is a natural state and as such you would naturally wake from a trance, even if you were left alone.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we all enter into at least twice per day - on awaking and drifting to sleep. All that is required from you is a willingness to follow the suggestions of the Hypnotherapist, in order to experience a pleasant state of trance.

Will the Hypnotherapist be in control of me?

No. In Hypnosis your subconscious mind is in control and will guide you to where you need to go.

While under hypnosis, will I say or do something bad? 

There are many myths surrounding hypnosis including the idea that when people are in a hypnotic state they may act against their will and reveal private information. You may have seen movies or read books where people who were in a hypnotic state were portrayed in a fashion such as that. But in all reality, you will find this deep relax state is more like a vivid Daydream, a very cool story, that you are in complete control of. In fact, it is all up to you how the whole session will flow. The more relaxed you are, the more vivid your Daydream will be. You will be the Narrator of your Story.

Can I bring someone with me? 

As excited as you may be to share some of this information with the closest people in your life this is a very private and personal journey. And because of that and the confidentiality process it is only you that can be present during the session. As I will be providing you with your own personal recording, after you have reviewed your recording if you decide to share any of its contents it is at your discretion. 

How long does a QHHT session take? 

A typical session can last between four to six hours. As you arrive for your appointment, we will start the session off with me getting to know you better. We will chat and you will provide information about your life that has shaped you and your circumstances up to today. We will then review your questions. After this important process we will proceed with the induction and starting the journey of deep relaxation. You will be in a deep relaxed Theta state for two hour's. After your session, we will chat about the answers that your subconscious provided you for your questions, and how your session unfolded.


What should I do after my QHHT session? 

After your session, it will be important to eat something and drink water, as part of brining your awareness back to this time, and place. Be gentle on yourself for the rest of your day! Many clients have found it beneficial to take the rest of the day off, relax, and do some self-reflection.

Any other tips to help me integrate the new energies? 

You may find you will be going through a detoxification and energetic restructuring process after your session. Its important to drink lots of water and be gentle on yourself during this time. You may find it very soothing to end your day, with a relaxing bath with Epson salts & soak for 15-30 minutes.

How many questions should I prepare for my QHHT session?

We will tap into the quantum field of possibilities and go directly to the Source of All Knowledge. Therefore, it is especially important to prepare a list of questions to ask during your session. I recommend organizing your questions from most important to least important. Usually, people have 5-10 key life questions. We will try to get answers for all your questions, and most times we do! Bring these questions with you to your session, and please print or write them out. All you need is an open mind and intent to receive the healing and the answers you are looking for.

(Please refer to HOW TO PREPARE FOR MY QHHT SESSION, for a guideline of areas in your life to look at, to generate the questions. )

A Note from Ania....

Shine Your Light


If for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule, please let me know as soon as possible. I schedule only one QHHT session a day, to allow as much time as we need for your personal journey. This process is a beautiful unveiling of you. I will be your guide, and connect you with that Divine part, that Light that is you!


You are allowing all the healing!

You are Allowing your Spirit to Sing Your Story!

I am honored to be your guide through this magical process.

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