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Unlock Your Potential with Quantum Healing Hypnosis - Experience the Power Within!

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Embarking on a Healing Journey

What Clients Are Saying About QHHT
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience a QHHT session?


Well, here is your chance to find out!


I interviewed a client who recently had a QHHT session and asked her about her experience. Listen in as she shares her story and how the QHHT session has changed her life.


I hope that by hearing this inspiring story, you will also be inspired to take the leap and explore the power of QHHT for yourself!

Empower Yourself, Brilliant Soul

"One of a kind experience.

My QHHT session was beyond what I expected.

Even better than anything I read in Dolores Cannon books. Ania is amazing, she is super kind and knowledgeable  and extremely skilled in her field. I highly recommend her."

Noosh Moh

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The relationship you have with

Yourself is the most significant one. ​

Become Empowered!

If struggle has been all you've known; it's natural to self-sabotage success, fulfillment, or peace. 

We unconsciously keep ourselves re-living the same emotional states over and over again-meaning we keep ourselves in the same reactive patterns of behavior.

QHHT®  is a type of journey taken while in a relaxed, meditative state.  During the process, the person can recall by seeing, hearing and feeling their past lives as well as this current life. Seeing pictures, hearing a voice in your head, having body sensations, intuitive knowing, or becoming the person from that life. 


Throughout your session; we will be accessing the wisdom of your Higher Self.  Your Subconscious will guide us to the appropriate time and place to access the part of your story that needs revisiting. Each session is divinely guided. You will see what you are supposed to see.

You will understand what the purpose of those issues were and what needs to change in your life for them to fully heal. Experience of forgiveness, release of guilt, shame, blame is almost always part of the healing experience. 

Once you understand when and where something began and why, then you can rise above it, release it, and move on in an empowered & peaceful way!

Prior to your session, you will be asked to prepare a series of questions that you would like to ask about your current life. Our goal is to get answers to those deep questions from the wisdom within you. These may include:

Who am I?

What am I here for?

How can I best serve?

QHHT® empowers you to let go of negative emotions and helps you move forward in a way that frees you from the wounds of the past. The result allows you to no longer feel like a victim of your life's circumstances.

The truth is that all the wisdom, all the answers, are within us, we just need to go within.  I serve as a guide to  help you connect with that truth, your spirit and your subconscious. 


A Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session,

is an empowering and often

life changing experience.

Uncover past lives, connect with your Higher Self, and receive deep healing

In Person Only

4-6 Hr $444

What Clients Are Saying About QHHT
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Embark on a transformative journey with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Experience gentle guidance to uncover past life memories and tap into your own highest wisdom. Discover the power of this healing modality and unlock profound insights about yourself. Start your healing journey today.
How to Prepare for My QHHT session
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How tyoPrepare for My QHHT Sessin

Congratulations BRILLIANT Soul, on taking the first step in communicating with your Subconscious and allowing yourself to connect with the spirit known as you.

Upon booking your session, intention matters a lot. What is your intention for having a session? There are a lot of reasons one might seek a QHHT session and understanding exactly why you are booking a session is helpful to you and to your practitioner as well.

Grab a pen and paper, and this would be a great time to start thinking about the questions you always wanted answers too. Some common reasons people have sessions and want answers and healing are as follows:


To learn or understand the energetic root cause of specific health challenges. Trying to resolve any health conditions or discomforts that their physical body is currently challenged with in this lifetime. 


Understanding lifelong patterns with the people that are closest to them or dynamics of specific individual relationships to encourage more peace and harmony. What is your past life connection with them? What is the best path for you?


Many people question their work and employment. They are currently in jobs that they do not like and are simply in it to pay the bills and are often exhausted, miserable and bored. Let’s find out, if you are on the right path. Or you may be asking yourself "What is my life's purpose? "


What is your Soul story? What other incarnations have you experienced and how are they affecting the spiritual path you are on now? Am I utilizing all my gifts? What is holding you back from reaching your full potential?

Preparing Your List of Questions

We will tap into the quantum field of possibilities and go directly to the Source of All Knowledge. Therefore, it is especially important to prepare a list of questions to ask during your session.  


I recommend organizing your questions from most important to least important. Usually people have 5-10 key questions. We will try to get answers for all your questions, and most times we do!


My goal is to get every question answered but we work with a 2-hour window where you are in the Somnambulistic state. In that time frame, I am inducing you by hypnosis, into deep relaxation (theta), exploring your soul history, and accessing your higher self to answer your questions, and then bringing you out.


Bring these questions with you to your session, and please print or write them out. All you need is an open mind and intent to receive the healing and the answers you are looking for.​

  • Your intention of having a great session is key. Once you have made the decision to have a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Treatment, and you book your date, your subconscious immediately starts preparing your body and mind to have a proper conversation with you.

  • Create a positive intention to have a great session, and start repeating it to yourself several times a day: "I connect to my higher self easily."

  • Meditate as often as possible, until the session day comes. It will help you to develop your visualization.

  • Release all expectations. This is going to be so easy for you! Did you know, you go into a trance state every 90 to 120 minutes for around 20mins. Yup!

  • Drink plenty of water days leading up to the session. A well hydrated brain and body respond much better to healing energies streaming in during your session. 

  • Eliminate or limit your use of caffeine the day of your session. 


  • Eat well but light before you come in. Our session can run between 4-6 hours.


  • Bring an energy bar with you. You will be hungry after your session and will need to eat, to ground yourself. 


  • Eliminate or limit alcohol & drugs at least a few days before your session. The higher your body frequency, the higher states of consciousness you can reach.


  • Do your best to have a good night sleep the night before your session. Your session will be wasted if your brain will be too tired and drifts into a sleep.  


    You are going to have an

    Amazing session!

    Ania Stokowski

    Ania is a Master Hypnotherapist (National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists
    And a Level 2 practitioner of Dolores Cannon's method of hypnosis, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique™ 
    (QHHT®), which involves inducing an individual into Somnambulistic (Theta) state of trance through visualization. Allowing a beautiful conversation with their Spirit and Subconscious.

    Empower Yourself, Brilliant Soul

    "I experienced a  QHHT Session, which has been life changing. Meeting and working with Ania was a pleasure, easily felt like old friends. I felt extremely comfortable and safe, which is important for this kind of work. I am thankful to share this Souls journey with Ania! If your looking for the right person to work on yourself, look no further!"

    Lisa Steenerson

    client  testimonial
    Quatum Healing Hypnosis Technique

    My Session Recording

    Your session will be audio-recorded, and I will email it to you within 24 hours.


    When you receive the recording, upload it to your computer and listen to your session, as much as possible, no matter how much you remember from it. (Please do not listen to your recording while driving.) 

    This is an important part to continue the healing process and you will continue to find incredible insights each time you listen to your recording.


    My Session Processing Time


    After your session, it will be important to eat something and drink water, as part of brining your awareness back to this time, and place.


    Be gentle on yourself for the rest of your day! Many clients have found it beneficial to take the rest of the day off, relax, and do some self-reflection.


    With so much self-healing completed during your session, you may find you will be going through a detoxification and energetic restructuring process.


    Its important to drink lots of water and be gentle on yourself during this time. You may find it very soothing to end your day, with a relaxing bath with Epson salts & soak for 15-30 minutes.



    A Note from Ania....Shine Your Light

    If for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule, please let me know as soon as possible. I schedule only one QHHT session a day, to allow as much time as we need for your personal journey.

    This process is a beautiful unveiling of you. I will be your guide, and connect you with that Divine part, that Light that is you!

    You are allowing all the healing!

    You are Allowing your Spirit to Sing Your Story!

    I am honored to be your guide through this magical process.

    Gratitude and Appreciation

    “My experience with QHHT with Ania was something I didn't think was possible. There were questions I put out there and the amazing thing was we were able to travel into past lives and the answers to those questions just comes to the surface. Ania's voice is so warm and grounding as I took the journey with her voice holding my hand.”

    Kim H.

    “I would like to thank Ania for providing such a safe and supportive space as she guided me through the memories of my soul's journeys. If you are ready and curious to access the deeper levels of your story, the QHHT can get you started in that discovery by offering beautiful insights and shedding of that which no longer serves you.”

    Mariana T.

    “I recently had my first QHHT session with Ania. At the beginning we sat and talked about things in my life and why I wanted to do this. She is calm, warm and genuinely cares about what you tell her. I felt very safe and protected when we started. Afterwards she was sensitive and caring about what transpired. The best way I can describe the session is that in life you have all these strings of thoughts and memories. Doing QHHT brings those strings together which form a deeper understanding of oneself. It's been 2 weeks and I am still reflecting on it daily. It's transformative with time.”

    Ara S.

    What to Expect from your QHHT session.

    What to Expect from your QHHT session

    When you arrive to the BRILLIANCE Healing Studio, you will be greeted by Ania and invited to start relaxing and leave your worries at the door. We will sit down and talk. I want to learn about you! Your childhood, your relationship with your parents/caregivers, & important moments in your life. Experiences that shaped you, into the person you are today.


    We will talk about how easy it is to allow yourself to be guided by me, into this peaceful, relaxed state. We’ll talk about your Higher self, Subconscious, this aspect of you that knows everything about you, loves you unconditionally and has support and knowledge to help you move forward in your life in the best way possible. We will go over your questions and talk about the most important people in your life, as they are often part of your soul family.


    As we begin your session, you will be tucked in, with a nice warm blanket, and I will take care of you. You will feel safe & warm. With my guidance, you will allow a deep state of relaxation, and let go of all your worries. While your body is relaxing and your drifting away, you will be safely guided by me to the “most appropriate time & place” where you will find answers and healing that you are ready for. Your Higher Self knows you better than anyone, and it will show you only what you are ready to see and what will be of benefit to you at this time. Once you understand when and where something began and why, then you can rise above it, release it, and move on in an empowered & peaceful way!


    It is important to know that the experience comes in different ways. Seeing pictures, hearing a voice in your head, having body sensations, intuitive knowing, or becoming the person from that life. While processing through this session, the images, feelings and knowing will develop. You will need to describe every little detail of your experience. Talk & talk a lot. This way you will anchor your perception into the past life and observe it scene by scene. Each session is divinely guided. You will see what you are supposed to see.


    You will feel very aware of all energies in your body during the experience and we will ask your Higher-Self to scan your body for any issues that are known and sometimes unknown. You will understand what the purpose of those issues were and what needs to change in your life for them to fully heal. Experience of forgiveness, release of guilt, shame, blame is almost always part of the healing experience. This is the moment when you may feel sensations like tingling, warmth or cold in different parts of the body as the energy is working.


    Allowing the Divine Wisdom of your Higher Self to use your voice to answer your own questions, in a quantum healing hypnosis session, is an empowering and often life changing experience. As a result of your session, you will be able to recognize the voice of your inner wisdom, also known as your intuition, or “gut” feeling.  


    As your conversation with your Higher Self comes to its final moments, I will then gently count you up and we will discuss what has occurred, how much of it you remember and how to apply your Higher Self guidance in your life going forward.

    It is common for clients to come out of a session with a sense of peace, clarity, lightness and a new energy to fulfill their life calling.


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