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Dry Sticks on a sandy beach

The Power of You

Zen Garden

60-90 min 


Sunset at the Beach

Regression Hypnotherapy   

2-3 Hr $333

Follow Up Hypnotherapy Session 


With this hypnosis session we explore the past to delve into the underlying causes of your issue.

hands above a client receiving reiki

15 minute consultation time followed by 60 minutes of Reiki.

1 Hr 15 min$135

Image by Dani Costelo

Adding the beautiful healing elements from the crystal kingdom.

1 Hr 15 min$135

sacred geometry crystal grid with healing crystals on them

Price varies depended on Crystals chosen

$150 - $200

Sacred Geometry

Wooden Grid

(with no Crystals)



1 Hr $111 



3 Pre-Booked

 sessions $288

White Sand and Stone

Learn how to navigate and decode the messages your body has been sending you.


30 min - 90 min $155


Let's Quantum Travel again! Within a 6 month period from your initial QHHT session.

3 Hr $333

Stone Spiral Staircase

A glimpse into QHHT. Email me to be added to our next Group Event.


What People Are Saying About Our Events!

Image by Content Pixie

We can discuss your intentions and goals, and I can put together a customized package of services just for you!

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