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Client Testimonials

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Soul Speak Client

I just had a beautiful Soul Speak session with Ania. It was a multidimensional journey, where I was able to relax and receive deep healing and messages from my higher self and multidimensional guides. Being taken on the journey of relaxation with her is something I wish I could do every day, I immediately felt the light and relaxation filling my body and allowing myself to disconnect from the noise of the 3D world. I entered what felt like a space of Truth, of just being, where I was able to clearly hear messages that my spirit was just waiting for me to be receptive enough to receive. Ania’s presence feels sure and confident, and I trusted her to be supportive and flexible as she intuitively guided me on this journey to asking and finding my answers within. In her care, I felt like I was in the presence of an Angel! I highly recommend Ania as a Soul Speak practitioner, to help you to hear the messages that are being sent to you from your spirit through physical symptoms that are presenting themselves to you.

Elisa R

Past Life Regression Near Me

QHHT Client 

Today's session was amazing! It was absolutely eye opening and life changing. I discovered I am on the right career life path, and that the universe has been trying to send me signs all along. I feel reconnected with my inner self, and have gained the confidence to go after my dreams. Thank you Ania for showing me the power and self love within.


You are amazing! Thank you so much for yesterday's session it was exactly what I needed. The clarity I have gained from it and the boost of motivation to follow my souls purpose is incredible!

The synchronicity today and all the angel numbers I've seen all day has been crazy. I feel super energized and in full alignment with life. I also had a frequency health check up with the health detective and he says everything is cured, full bill of health!

Calum W

Reiki Benefits

Reiki Client 

The Sense of Joy and Peace after the treatment it's hard to describe but in one word is light. Love the energy and the healing! Very grateful our paths have crossed at this time.

Sophia F

Love, Light, Safe!

You feel this during the session and you take it home with you. 

Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

Laura D

Meeting Ania has started my healing process. The experiences I have had so far are helping me let go of the past, face my fears, overcome traumatic events and prepare for my future. 

I am living in the present, finally I feel good! I am grateful for her! Through our sessions I have been able to reconnect with my guides and foster a new relationship through spirit.


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