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Join the Monthly Membership of the
Brilliance Collective for Transforming
Group Hypnosis/Meditation
Journeys & Connection with
Like-Minded People

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Join the Brilliance Collective

  • The Brilliance Collective

    Every month
    A Monthly Membership for Group Hypnosis Journeys and Connection with Like-Minded People.
     30 day free trial

This was such a great session for me, thank you and Clare for helping me see what is possi

The Benefits of Joining the Monthly Membership:

Transform Your Mind, Transform Your Energy:

Discover the incredible potential within you through regular hypnosis/meditation sessions.

Signing up for a monthly membership gives you access to exclusive hypnosis/meditation journeys and a vibrant community of fellow seekers.

Variety & Exploration:

Explore different themes and topics in each monthly session for continuous learning.

Emotional and Spiritual Growth:

The Brilliance Collective membership aids in spiritual development, and the cultivation of a stronger connection with yourself.

A Monthly Membership for Continuous Growth:

Join our exclusive Brilliance Collective Monthly Membership and experience the benefits of ongoing hypnosis/meditation sessions. With regular engagement, you'll witness consistent growth.

A Community for Exploration and Learning:

Immerse yourself in a supportive community of like-minded individuals on a similar transformational journey. Each month, we explore different themes and topics, providing you with continuous learning opportunities and a space to share experiences

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Where and When we Meet:

We will meet via Zoom on a monthly basis. The first Sunday of every month at 7pm PDT/PST.  Our meetings will last approximately 1½ to 2 hours. Please allow yourself enough time for our time together. You will be emailed a Zoom link prior to our journeys together. 

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What Do I Need to Bring:

For each of our on-line journeys, have a good headset, or ear buds with a mic and bring your journal.

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In this realm, an intelligence exists that reaches out to us daily, offering assistance and guidance in our journey through life.

During our monthly get togethers, Clare will be joining us , an additional healer supporting our journeys. She is able tap into this energy, and find messages specifically tailored for the group she is working with. Whether it's unraveling the mysteries of your experiences during hypnosis or seeking clarification, Clare will tune into the collective frequency to discover a message for the group.


We believe that transformation happens when we come together

as a community, supporting and learning from one another. 

The Brilliance Collective Membership; 

where you'll embark on transforming

group hypnosis/meditation journeys and connect

with like-minded individuals who are

on the same path of growth and self-discovery. 




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