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Welcome to
The Brilliance Healing Studio

Empowering People to Heal by Using Their Own Wisdom and Connection to Their Spirit.

Hey Brilliant Soul!

I'm Ania.

20+ years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This allowed my authentic self to step in; I started to come into a deeper alignment with my spirit and my truth. I am now a healthy, happy, energized, and MS symptom-free woman! I empowered myself and started to help others listen to their Spirit: tune into their Brilliance!

It is natural for us to turn to spirituality in times of joy, sorrow and other intense emotions. When I learned to channel that connection with the divine on a daily basis, no matter my emotional state, my life became so much more meaningful. I started BILLIANCE HEALING STUDIO as a way to help others incorporate spirituality and connection to their authentic self into their daily lives.  I am glad that you have made a stop here on your personal journey, and I hope it guides you on your path.

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"I went to see Ania for a Spiritual Coaching and Empowering Hypnosis Session today. It was Incredible!! She helped me to focus on my Core Strengths and Goals, in a Safe and relaxing environment. Ania is an Expert at helping you to uncover your own Healing in a nurturing way. She is truly Amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking Guidance on their journey to Spiritual Healing.

Sherry Fagan

Wooden Blocks

You Are 
the Key

Have you been considering the possibilities of letting go and discovering your own potential.

What stories do you hold about yourself, or about the world that limits your full potential for happiness? 

What would it be like to soften or release some of these stories?

What new possibilities would open up if we explored this?

The stories we tell ourselves are often so subconscious that we aren’t fully aware of how they influence our lives, and quite often, they limit what is possible for us.

My Expertise

We are all composed of energy, including our thoughts and feelings, which vibrates at certain frequencies.


Whatever your thoughts are, they will seek out their own vibrational match - whether conscious or unconscious!

To transform and shift these energies, we work together to empower your soul, heal old traumas from this or previous lives, so that you can achieve your full potential and happiness.

The end goal is to clear blocks in your body’s energetic field so that you can move past whatever’s holding you back in life.

"Ania is a beautiful ray of light. Her energy and presence is so soothing. I always look forward to our Reiki sessions because of how light and peaceful I feel after. Her sessions have been a tremendous source of healing and growth for me. Our QHHT session gave me so much insight into why I keep repeating the same patterns in my life. She is truly a beautiful soul spreading so much light."

zarina bradmore


"I’m so grateful for am amazing QHHT session with Ania. I felt completely safe with her as my guide. Discovering my inner world and connecting with my Higher Self was so easy under her guidance! Ania is a very gifted, compassionate, warm and professional healer who provides a safe space for healing.

I‘d give her more than 5 stars if that was an option."
Corina Holzapfel


Gratitude and Appreciation

“The sense of Joy and Peace after the session is hard to describe, but in one word is Light. Very grateful our paths have crossed.”

Sofia F.

“Love, Light, Safe! You feel this during the session and you take it home with you! Thank you Ania for sharing your gift with us.”

Laura D.

“You carry the light, so bright, that it illuminates the spaces otherwise so easily missed. All are blessed who receive your gift! Thank you!”

Gosia C.

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