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Welcome to the Brilliance Healing Studio

The Most Precious Things are Within Us

Wellness Through Hypnotherapy & Reiki.

Helping You Awaken Your Mind, Body & Spirit.

We are more than just physical beings -

we have a spiritual side as well.

There’s an energy that extends beyond our body.

20+ years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This allowed my authentic self to step in; I started to come into a deeper alignment with my spirit and my truth. I am now a healthy, happy, energized, and MS symptom-free woman! I empowered myself and started to help others listen to their Spirit: tune into their Brilliance!

Hypnosis & Reiki can guide you and help you reconnect to your soul's wisdom so you can rebalance your energies and reconnect to your spirit.


The moment you become aware that you manifest everything that shows up in your life, the good and the bad, you have a chance to step into a powerful new awareness and sense of being.

If you allow me the privilege, I will help you find a way back to yourself, by reminding you to trust your abilities and help you connect to your authentic self. 

Ania Stokowski is a Reiki Master & Master Hypnotherapist (National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists


Mind, Body & Spirit.

As well as a Level 2 practitioner of Dolores Cannon's method of hypnosis, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique™ (QHHT®).

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Why Hypnosis Works!

The state of hypnosis is natural and familiar. All day long, we go in and out of hypnotic states. Some common examples of when this happens are when we're driving, watching TV, listening to music, or working on a project that's passionate to us.


Relaxed states of consciousness allow for extremely powerful life changes because in these states of consciousness you are the most receptive, inventive, and intuitive.


Hypnosis produces increased awareness of the unconscious mind, heightened suggestion abilities, and deep relaxation to enable access to the subconscious mind without resistance. As a result, brain wave state shifts can occur to promote well-being.

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Thank you
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Gratitude and Appreciation

“The sense of Joy and Peace after the session is hard to describe, but in one word is Light. Very grateful our paths have crossed.”

Sofia F.

“Love, Light, Safe! You feel this during the session and you take it home with you! Thank you Ania for sharing your gift with us.”

Laura D.

“You carry the light, so bright, that it illuminates the spaces otherwise so easily missed. All are blessed who receive your gift! Thank you!”

Gosia C.