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Your existence, right now

is a Now moment!

You always get a new chance. Every moment is a new Now moment.

It is only stripped down by what you put onto it. Do you keep replaying the past, and living your now moment from the past?

When we flow from the heart, and make decisions from the heart, it will be the purest, highest vibrational energy. Don’t bring in anything from the outside, that brings you down.

Stay in that heart energy.

The Heart Knows.

Speaking from the heart, is our pure truth. When we speak from the mind, we speak from judgement, we analyze if it is right or wrong?

What if this…what if that….

You’ll know if it comes from the heart or the mind….

The heart – is all KNOWING

The mind – is all THINKING

How quickly do you get over stuff?

Trust that everything will work out.

It is just a choice. Let your heart guide you.

The heart has a mind of its own. It is more connected to the real you. To the authentic you.

Everything is always changing. Yet you are permanent.

What you perceive as pain, heartbreak, etc. is just a moving experience. We are here to have an experience. We create our experiences to learn from.

WE come to live this life, to have experiences to learn and grow from. WE created the whole scenario and created the little scenarios to see what we would do.

It’s not an outside force.

WE brought ourselves here to learn. Now, the question is, what do we want to learn?

Analyze the situation….

Why is this happening? What am I learning? What do I understand from this situation?

A QHHT sessions can help bring awareness to these questions and help you discover what lessons your soul was looking to learn.



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