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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

Reiki energy is the life energy that keeps everything alive. All plants, insects, animals and humans are alive because life energy is flowing through them.

When your life energy is high, you’ll feel strong and healthy, but when it is low, you’ll feel weak and tired and be more susceptible to illness.

A Reiki session will fill you with life energy, helping you to feel strong and healthy. It also increases confidence, and many have found that it quickens the healing process!

Reiki works with the energetic, physical and emotional aspects of the individual to address imbalances on all levels.

Reiki never causes harm and can be used at any time for any situation in which you could benefit from an increase in life energy. It’s helpful even when you are feeling good but is especially helpful when you are feeling tired or depleted, and most importantly, it can help people who are sick. In fact, it can help people with any illness or medical condition.

While Reiki does quicken the healing process, it is still important to see a licensed health care provider if you have a medical or psychological condition.

  • Reiki provides only positive results.

  • Reiki is relaxing and de-stressing.

  • Reiki provides a way to do something positive in times of difficulty no matter what the situation might be.

  • Reiki clears emotional blocks.

  • Reiki increases your energy levels.

  • Reiki relieves stress and anxiety

  • Reiki reduces the negative effects of medications and other medical treatments including those of radiation and chemotherapy.

So, as you can see, no matter what situation you may find yourself in, Reiki is a wonderful gift to yourself and those you love!



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