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The Universe is Communicating with you, are You Listening?

Every day, our world surrounds us with endless information. Our brains and bodies are hardwired to filter most of that information out to survive.

Usually, this filtering mechanism is programmed based on faulty beliefs that we were taught as children.

Our subconscious can be influenced by such stories, shutting down our intuitive abilities and subtle senses.

No matter how closed down it is, the Universe continues to communicate with us.

In fact, we often download cosmic information into our energy fields without being aware of it. The best way to open up our extrasensory perception is to be consciously alert to the signs that surround us.

In order to recognize these signs, we need to be aware and present at the moment we receive the information. When we are more intentional about recognizing when the universe sends us signs, we can gain the additional information we need to move forward in life and towards our goals.

Our souls come into this world with their own set of dreams and goals. These goals enable us to achieve our potential and are also an integral part of a larger plan. It is for this reason that when you have a desire, the universe wants to help you realize it. However, there are things that can hinder our progress. Our beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, are what limit us the most.

Consequently, the universe sometimes forces events to take place. Mistakes and undesirable situations can lead us to remember what our soul wants. The universe sends us messages and signals to return us to our soul’s path. It begins with a whisper and if not heeded can turn into a shout.

To recognize signs from the universe, you want to start by setting the intention that you are open to receiving them. We need to pay attention and ask for clarity on any messages coming from the Universe. There are several ways the Universe can send you a message. Those ways can be...

1. Through Angel Numbers

If you often see a specific sequence of numbers, these have meanings that point to messages. Repetitive numbers such as 1111, 222, 11:11, and the like, mean that the Universe is sending you a message. The message can correspond with the number. When you see this number you can also be present and open up to see what additional information comes through for you in that moment.

These can be signs that you are on the right path or if you know the message the specific number represents that you need to listen to that message.

2. Synchronicity

The Universe communicates with you through synchronicities. As you continue to open up your subtle senses, you will find you see the synchronicity around you more frequently.

Have you ever thought about someone or something and it/they show up in your life? It’s an act of synchronicity when things happen at the right time when you start to think about them. Another example of synchronicity is perhaps you may think it’s time to change direction in your career. You then start to see job openings or classes you can take that reaffirm your thoughts. It’s synchronicity from the universe saying that the new path is open to you.

Synchronicity opens a door you can walk through to achieve what you want to manifest in your life.

3. Through dreams

If you dream the same dream over and over again, try to journal about it and interpret it. The Universe is trying to send you the same message because you did not understand it. There are deeper meanings in our dreams that come from our subconscious. When interpreted, the dream can help us to develop new insight as well as clear beliefs, energy, and memories that no longer serve us.

Because it is your subconscious mind sending you the information, you will always be the best person to decipher your dreams. Keep a journal near your bed to jot down remnants of your dreams if you feel they have a deeper meaning you can explore.

4. Through nature and objects in your environment

Pay attention to what you reject and what attracts you. Where is your focus most of the time? What do you see most often?

When you notice that you feel drawn towards something, go within and ask what it means for you. Each of us may interpret an object’s meaning differently based on our situation.

5. Listen to your body

Learn to listen to your body. If you feel uneasy about an event or decision that is your clairsentience coming through.

Listen to what you are saying to yourself. Those messages are using your subtle sense of hearing to talk to you.

Your body holds clues to your true self. When you are in tune with what messages the universe sends through your body, you can recognize the signs. For example, you might find you begin to have trouble with your ankle. It could be your body’s way of telling you that a decision needs to be made in your life before you move forward.

The best way is to relax, clear your mind, and practice mindfulness. Be present in the moment and allow the past and future to drift away. Set the intention that you are open to receiving messages from the Universe and then as you go through your day, have fun as the information flows to you.

Choose one aspect of how the universe connects with you from the list above (angel numbers, synchronicity, etc.) and be open to receiving information that way this week. You'll be surprised by what happens.