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Stepping Out of Arguing

Be the Observer.

First, observe that you are in an argument. You are in a state. And the person you are arguing with is NOT in the same state as you. Choose how you are going to be in this moment. The fact that you are arguing is showing you that you are not vibrating at the same frequency.

Recognize that each human, has its own energetic field. This energetic field vibrates at a frequency and based on this frequency, are their truths. Your energetic field is about 23 inches out and pulsates with energy. That energy dictates how you see your reality, you can’t change someone’s signature, you don’t want to change their signature, you honor that signature and let it be.

Respect & Empathy. We are all living a human journey. We are all using the lens, that is based on the frequency our body is holding. Your job is not to change someone else’s frequency it is to respect it and do you!

This is the difference between being your truth, speaking your truth, saying your truth, versus attacking someone. Trying to change someone. Am I speaking and being me or am I attached to change the person? Are you trying to control the outcome? Pay attention to that controlled attachment to change. Speaking you is being in a sovereign state, in an expanded state. As Soon as you find you are being the observer, and you are trying to change that person and control them. You will feel restricted. Your heart might beat faster you might get sweaty, angry. These are restricted states of consciousness.

Relax, be you…. Recognize they are who they are, and it will dissolve.

Stay in your sovereign field by just being. There’s not an outcome that you’re trying to make.

You are not trying to change someone. Release expectations. Just by speaking your truth, knowing your truth, doing your truth.

So, if you find yourself in an argument with someone…. remember …your vibrating at a different frequency, and respect that. You’re not wanting to change the other person, or control the outcome. Be the observer, and choose how your truth will show up!



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