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Roots! How Deep are Yours?

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Why do some trees fall over in a wind storm and others Don't?

Roots, Roots, Roots!

When your roots are not deeply grounded to the earth and into your spirit, you will be swept away by the energies outside.

But Why?

Sometimes the environment will not allow the roots to grow deep. For a tree, if the soil is too rocky, or filled with clay. The tree roots will be shallow.

And same for us!

Toxic relationships, staying in a job that you hate, toxic self-talk, not listening to your spirit are a few examples of producing an environment that will not allow you to grow deep roots into you. You need to change the environment.

But How?

First, the environment in your Mind needs to change. How do you talk to yourself? Make a list of things that you are putting into your body, what thoughts do you allow to reside in your mind, and how are you nourishing yourself spiritually.

Then work on changing your outside environment. What tv shows do you watch? What foods are you consuming? What kind of relationships do you have? What are your habits?

Ask yourself, "What needs to change in my environment?"



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