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I AM HEALED shares his STORY

In my last blog, I had the privilege of sharing the inspiring story of a client who triumphed over cancer against all odds.

Today, I am truly honored to present his own words as he graciously shares his remarkable journey with everyone.

In this heartfelt account, our courageous survivor not only sheds light on his personal battle with cancer but also offers invaluable insights into alternative therapies that played a significant role in his healing process.

By sharing his story, he aims to spread hope and awareness, reminding us all that there is light even in the darkest of times.

It is through stories like these that we gain a deeper understanding of the strength and resilience of the human spirit. Therefore, I encourage you to read on and join me in celebrating this survivor's courage as he opens up about his experiences and imparts wisdom that may inspire others facing similar challenges.

Once again, I extend my gratitude to this incredible individual for choosing to share their journey with us. May his story continue to shine a beacon of hope for many others who find themselves on their own path towards healing and recovery.


In December 2021 I had two surgeries, one to remove Cancer from my chest and one to remove half of my cancer filled lymph nodes under my right arm. In March of 2022 I went through six weeks, 5 days a week, radiation treatments. In August of 2022 I found out the cancer had come back and had also spread to my neck and lungs. Tumors started

appearing on my arm and chest. I was now Stage IV. Four different doctors told me there was no cure and my prognosis was not good, and I should get my affairs in order. I even went to grief counselling for end of life with my wife.

I basically had one conventional option left and that was a new immunotherapy drug BC Cancer had just approved six months prior. Since conventional methods had not worked the first go around, I knew I had to add alternative treatments to compliment my approach and be proactive.

The first thing I did was read about a dozen books on cancer and people who had

survived it. From my reading I made a list of things I had to implement or improve on.

- Eat healthy.

- Take supplements.

- Reduce stress as much as possible.

- Get lots of restful sleep.

- Maintain and foster your social network – I am fortunate to have friends who

constantly phoned and gave me support.

- Focus on your family – I am fortunate enough to have a loving, caring, and

supportive wife and kids.

- Make a list of reasons you want to live – for example I wanted to live to watch my

two adorable grandsons grow up.

- Don’t rely solely on your oncologist and conventional therapies; incorporate

alternative therapies into your daily life. Be PROACTIVE.

I chose Reiki as my alternative therapy based on studies that showed it was beneficial

for patients after cancer surgery. In looking for a Reiki master I was instantly drawn to

Ania. Best decision I have made in a long time.

I must admit I was skeptical at first. However, when you first meet Ania she feels like a

long-lost friend. Her infectious smile and the energy she literally radiates makes you feel

safe and comfortable. Over eight months she taught me to tap into my inner self and

connect to our external “life force” to help me be as healthy physically, emotionally, and

spiritually as possible to allow my body to work with this new drug.

Ania was not only my Reiki healer but also became my spiritual counsellor. Every session I learned some new insight into myself or the universe. She made me believe I could have a hand in healing myself. She went over and above what I expected. Little things like making

special meditation tapes just for me and my cancer. Sending me videos and books. I will

never ever be able to thank her enough for how she helped me.

I have friends and family who know nothing about Reiki and were of course skeptics –

my answer to them is as follows:

The new drug I was on only works on 50% of patients and only about 15% get a good or

complete response. My last CT scan showed no cancer in my lungs, so I am in that

coveted 15 percentiles. So, I asked myself why me? I am nothing special, I am not

genetically gifted – I get my share of colds, flus, and sicknesses. For me the answer is

simple – Ania was instrumental in me beating this dreaded disease and now I am moving

into the second phase and that’s staying the path and making sure it doesn’t return.

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