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How Past Life Regression Can Help You

Past life regression is a technique that can help you explore the memories of your past lives. It can be used to gain insight into the present-day problems and issues you may be facing, as well as uncovering hidden talents or abilities. Through this practice, many people have reported feeling a deeper connection with their soul and discovering how their past experiences are influencing their present life.

This technique can help you gain understanding of why you are drawn to certain people, places or things in your current life.

According to a variety of spiritual traditions, we have many past lives. The soul can have anywhere from tens to thousands of lifetime experiences, with time spent between lives varying depending on the type of spiritual practice the person has been engaged in. In other words, some people may be told they have had hundreds of past lives while others may not even remember their first life.

It is possible that an individual’s soul has had to reincarnate in order to learn the lessons necessary for achieving spiritual and personal growth. An example of this is someone who grows up into a life of drug addiction, which leads them to having many lives where they remain addicted. With each successive incarnation, the person may choose a different course of action in order to overcome the trauma and start on their path towards healing.

This technique can be used to explore the cause of physical and emotional issues, as well as to gain insight into spiritual matters. Through this process, people may be able to understand why they have certain fears or behaviors, as well as gain clarity on unresolved issues and find answers to difficult questions. By connecting with their past lives, many individuals have reported feeling more connected to themselves, their purpose and the universe.

If you are curious about your past lives or find repeating patterns in your present life and want to understand why they are happening. A Quantum Healing Hypnosis session may help you find those answers. What are you waiting for? Find your own medicine now!

This is what clients have said about their own QHHT experience:

"Today's session was amazing! It was absolutely eye opening and life changing. I discovered I am on the right career life path, and that the universe has been trying to send me signs all along. I feel reconnected with my inner self, and have gained the confidence to go after my dreams. Thank you Ania for showing me the power and self love within."


"I visited Ania for a QHHT session. My experience was profound, and I received so much healing and insight into my current journey. I arrived for my session feeling stuck, drained and emotional, and I left there feeling light, loved, and so spoiled. I was filled with light and a new zest for life. I'm ready to take on my new journey! Ania is such a ray of love and light, and her soothing voice makes it easy to relax and surrender to the QHHT Hypnosis experience. Thank you, Ania."




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