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Crystal Grid Customized Creations

Customized Crystal Reiki Grid created just for you.

  • 1 hour
  • 150 Canadian dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Sacred geometry is present all over us in nature. Flowers and plants beautifully display the shapes that are the blueprint for all of creation in a language of light and love. These blueprints that make up our world have been used for centuries as a way of elevating consciousness. An effective way to bring in and amplify intentions is with a Crystal Reiki grid. The grids we will be working with are based on the harmonic resonance of sacred geometry and are energetic transmitters. Grids can draw energy in or send it outwards. With these grids we are combining the specific design elements of creation with the power of crystals and Reiki energy.  Examples of grids used in history include Stonehenge which is a heptagon. Pyramids are grids formed by octahedrons. Some scientists have applied grids over the earth and highlighted landmarks with an exceptional energetic activity that is in perfect alignment with the grid lines.  The crystals we place in a grid have a specific resonance that is associated with various energetic properties the grid will assist in transmitting that energy to the intended recipient for the highest good of all concerned. The shapes and patterns we will be using for our Crystal Reiki Grids include the crystal Reiki symbols, Crystals, and charging of crystals.  With each customized Crystal Reiki Grid creation, an in-depth consultation is done, to establish the purpose & intention of the Crystal Reiki Grid. Purpose could include harmony, physical health, cleansing, healing, amplifying, etc. Once your intention is specified, crystal selection, and sacred geometry is intuitively selected. The symmetry of sacred geometry uses harmonic resonances to ensure that the energy flow is smooth and powerful. I will personally bring your crystal grid to your space. (included the Vancouver lower mainland) We will select the best area for your Crystal Reiki Grid placement, and I will Clear the immediate space, where your Crystal Reiki Grid will be located. Once the Crystal Reiki Grid is in place, I will activate it each crystal and activate your crystal Grid with Reiki Energy and Tune the resonance with your personal intention, for the highest good of all. ​ (If You Live outside of the Vancouver Lower Mainland, we can arrange shipment (extra charge) & Long-Distance Grid Charging) Please allow for up to 2-3 week for the delivery of your Personalized Crystal Reiki Grid. Crystal Grid Fee: $150-$200 Re-charging Crystal Grid Fee: $45

Contact Details


Panorama Village, Surrey BC 5850 148 Street, Surrey, BC, Canada

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