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You are meant to be living in a Heaven on Earth


We go back and forth, learning, and applying, learning and applying.

You create the limitations and situations to learn from.

Sometimes, we get so emotional attached to a situation, that we forget we can

change our attitude about it. It is our illusion. Its all in how we look at things.

How are you looking at your life?

One of the lessons to learn, that its ok. See it, but do not become it. See how the situation makes you feel & sit with that feeling. What is that feeling trying to uncover?

What was the lesson of that situation? Feeling is healing. Feel the message. Once it has been brought to your awareness and uncovered, you no longer need that situation in your life.

That is how you release it. Turn on your flashlight of awareness, and shine it, on the situation.

Its ok to feel what you are feeling. Its ok! It is a lesson, that is asking YOU to release it.

Look at it and break it down to its core. How does it make me feel? What is the root cause of it? If there is fear behind it, just let it go.

You can bring in new patterns, that are light & love. You are meant to be living in a heaven on earth. If you are reading this, you are a highly evolved being. You are discovering people, who make you feel good. You were given free will to create heaven on earth. All your experiences have been brought to you to allow this creation. You are a sovereign, free being and can choose with your thoughts, to live in a beautiful state of mind. Do not let your environment, or circumstances, allow you to forget that your building heaven on earth!

We are great and powerful beings. Remember who you are! What you are! You are the creator! The true YOU path!! Were all remembering who we really are! We were always the ones doing it all the time!

At the beginning it can be frustrating. But it got you to this place. Now you know who you are! A conscious creator. Turn fear into Love! You will notice the old paradigm is trying to use the same old patterns, but it is very transparent. You are outside of it! Because you see it! Once you bring awareness to it, it can be released. It is completely your choice!! Recognize it for what it is!!

FEAR. Is False Evidence Appearing Really!!

Now ask yourself, what do I want from this situation? We have ultimate control. If you want to keep looking at the fear, that is your choice! And will be your reality. Everyone is living their own version of reality!

With 8 billion people on earth, imagine, there are 8 billion realities.

Fear can appear at any time. It comes up as a thought or feeling. Reminding you, that “this can happen, that can happen.” Playing out every possible scenario. The conscious mind is trying to protect you. And brings it to your conscious awareness. Now, is where you get involved or not. You can connect with your higher consciousness and see the fear and express it without judgment.

Imagine how you take care of your family, child, baby, friend. I bet you take care of them more, then you do yourself. Not allowing yourself to be! Take breaks when you need to, rest when you need to. Take care of the caretaker. Nurture yourself. Imagine yourself the child. Love yourself. Be kind to yourself. The body will shift very quickly to your nurturing loving words. Before you think or say something to yourself, ask yourself, “Would I talk to a child like this?”

Fear is the anticipation of what may happen. Just let it go. If something is a true threat in your present moment, allow it, see it, and let it go. If you are doing the “What if” game, you are creating that world for yourself. What are you inviting in? Fear has many disguises. Its just a matter of recognizing it. Once you see it, you recognize it, and can allow the lesson to be felt. Where is it coming from? What does it bring up? Feel it. Without judgment. Then you can release it. You can let it go!

FEAR. False Evidence Appearing Real.

Play the recognize game. Once it comes up, recognize it, and then you can let it go. Feeling is healing. How quickly can you recognize your fears? Remember, we created them, it was just a lesson, to learn from. And now you do not need it anymore. You can see it for what it truly was meant to be. A lesson, that you now see, and release.

Be objective and see how everyone plays their role in these lessons. We have a choice to be the hero in our own story, or the victim, or to wakeup in our own story.

Remember Who You Are!



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