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Brilliance Healing Studio Newsletter

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Hello Brilliant Souls!

We are in an extremely exciting energetic time! The full moon in Libra is occurring on, Sunday, March 28th. It is known to cause heightened emotional awareness.

This is critical for gaining internal energy balance and alignment in your life.

Moon energy is highly feminine and includes nurture and receptive elements. When the moon is under the influence of the Zodiac side Libra, we shift our focus to balance, objectivity, harmony, justice, and slowing down. Taking our time with decision making. The Libra sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love and relationships.

Knowing how to use the energy of this full moon to your advantage puts you in a great position to be released from the restlessness and energy imbalances in your life. Full moon energy, is usually where we are talking about completions were talking about reaping what we sow. That's what the full moon energy is all about, completions of finishing cycles and maturation of energy. But when the full moon is associated with a specific sign, it also takes on the characteristics of that specific Zodiac sign and the upcoming Full Moon is going to be in the sign of Libra. Now we have the characteristics of Libra coming in.

The symbol for Libra is the scale. The scale really is the perfect symbolism for what this Zodiac sign really means. Libra is all about balance. About fairness and justice.

The scale pertaining to Libra has a lot to do with the energies of balance of justice, of fairness, and having things perfectly balanced. It does not really like extremes. Libra likes to be nice and balanced. Libra loves to be around people. The reason is because Libra is governed by the planet Venus and Venus is all about love, but also relationships and so the sign of Libra brings in this beautiful Love of connection with people, but connection with people in a very balanced way.

When we work with this energy of the moon, we are tapping into feminine energy. Since the beginning of 2020, with the onset of the pandemic, there has been an energy shift. Earth was shifting her energy grid from masculine dominant energy into feminine dominant energy. This was a start of a major shift in energy. The planet herself is ascending. She is evolving. She has her own consciousness, and she has her own energy grid.

You can think of the Earth, as having an energy grid in the same way that we humans have an energy system. That energy grid shifted, and it's been shifting very rapidly, especially since the beginning of 2020. We have been in masculine dominant energy and that masculine dominant energy was excessive. It created a lot of imbalances on the planet, and now to correct the energy the planet herself is literally shifting. She is moving her energy from masculine dominance into feminine dominance to re establish balance on the planet. What this means for us is that as we are sitting on the planet, we're basically a guest on this beautiful planet, and it means that when this planet changes energy, we have to learn to adapt.

How to thrive in the new energies that the planet presents, is what we are going through now. We are being asked to re-learn how to be on the planet with a grid that is now feminine dominant in energy. This presents a couple of problems for us all. We are so templated to be in masculine dominance energy. We all have yin (female) and Yang (male) energies within us. Whether we are women or men. But as with all things, when one of the energies is imbalanced, it can create a lot of problems on the planet.

For thousands of years, we have not really tapped into the fullness of feminine energy. We must relearn how to tap into the feminine. She operates in a different way. It is an energy that views the world in a different way. Not that it is a better energy than the masculine or that masculine is a better energy. There is no better energy. They are just different energies, and we have to learn how to work with feminine energy. It is like a toddler learning how to walk for the first time. We are re-discovering this feminine energy because we've been disconnected from this energy for so long.

That is the major issue occurring right now. Masculine energy is having a major problem standing down and relaxing. The masculine energy does not know what to do with itself, and is having a hard time relaxing, standing down and letting the feminine rise. The masculine energy is very restless right now, and you could probably feel this in yourself. This energy has been in control for thousands of years, and then suddenly we are asking it to stand down. To allow the feminine to rise.

But the masculine energy is saying...

"What! I am not doing that! I have been in charge for thousands of years. I am not going to stand down. No, no, no! "

Therefore, there's restlessness in the energy. He is having a hard time trusting because he's been dominant for so long. There's a lot of healing of wounding that's occurring between masculine and feminine energy within us.

Now you can start to understand why this full moon in Libra is perfectly timed and it has to do with the energy of masculine and feminine. There has been resistance between the two of them into harmonizing with each other, and the masculine energy is having a hard time following the feminine. This energy will play out and show up as resistance within you.

When we stay in the masculine energy too long, you start to get physical symptoms.

Are you focused too much on the masculine energies lately?

Inability to Rest

Hyper-focused on achievements


Muscle Tension

Headaches and Migraines

Feeling rushed

Racing thoughts



Fear of disappointing others

Chronic people pleaser



Allow these Feminine energy into your everyday life, to help harmonize your energies.








Relationship orientated






If you are feeling very unaligned, come in for a REIKI session.

We will help to create harmonious energy fields, to provide alignment and a renewed harmonized energy.

Empowering You to Shine,





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